Vintage clothing raises up in postwar Japan, classical and really popular. Because of the disappearance of traditional craftwork, vintage clothing are with very important value in the history of clothing. Lots of young people are good at adding their new thoughts onto this kinds of clothing to make them fresh and fashion.

Today, our Sleepy will bring you to a special vintage clothing shopping mall. Hope you would feel something special there. Let’s go shopping right now!!!

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After a long time on the old green train, we arrive in the city finally which is very beautiful same as our imagination.


We want to take a break and have a quick lunch, so tired and hungry!!!!!




This shopping mall are too big for us to find out the way. Are we lost?! Where should we begin our shopping?


Jewelry, hairpin, necklace, clothing, bracelet and so on……all things are in classic style.



Too many things we want to take them home, but the luggages are too small……Could we call for DHL express service?




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