How has SLEEPY been created?

It can trace back to the time that Supabonbon had not been set up and registered. At that time I was still a junior toy collector. It is a fact that no matter what type of toy, as long as it is worth to collect, it must be quiet expensive. I was also a victim. Gradually, I was feeling I should find a way to collect these toys directly without middlemen. As I was pretty sure I can do the things the others can do. As a result of this, Supabonbon has the collectable toys from Japan and the small toys that can be used as craft supplies.

Afterwards, I was addicted to collect dolls, especially Blythe dolls. Same as a lot of doll players, I used to collect several same Blythe dolls in one time then picked out the best one .. The rest which I didn’t want to keep, I would find a new home for them. In this way, I have nearly played all the Blythe dolls. Then I began to customize them so that they would be unique… From the beginning I just changed a little of face color, hair style, parts of body, and then started to carve,and polish. Certainly I got much fun and sense of accomplishment. Since that, there was always a voice in my mind: why I don’t create a doll, which belongs to me belongs to Supabonbon?

Although I was engaged in designing doll dresses and other cooperative projects with different partners these years, I had never forgotten this idea that I wanna to make a doll which is not expensive that everyone can buy. To be honest, it was not an easy work to turn a creative idea into a real product. There were so many different difficulties. In this period, there was always a belief accompanying me which is also the business philosophy of Supabonbon brand: Focus on design, focus on quality, focus on own product.

Here are the show off to let you know more about this doll:2.pic



One same question has been raised many times: Why SLEEPY’s eyes are closed? There are many reasons, for example, I like the endless fantasy and I like closing my eyes to feel a moment of peace, etc.





It is not easy to turn a creative idea into a real product. I tried and failed and then kept trying for such a long time. There were so many different difficulties i met. The eyelash implantation is totally handmade and long-lasting. Tried a lot of times and then found an implantation solution finally.



From the structure designing to color adjusting, packaging is also a thoughtfulness creation.



Hope you all would love this SLEEPY. If you have any suggestions on it, please feel free to let me know. It is highly appreciated and I will keep on improving and making progress!


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