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Supabonbon Blythe Silver Handmade Doll Accessories Staff Wand Sceptre Brooch QZ001-QZ002



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Length: about 7cm
1. All of them are hand-made products, not in very perfect condition. Slightly different in weight and shape while also with slight scratches or dents on the surface.
2. Silver products are flexible, please do not press.
3. We do not recommend repeatedly install or take off accessories such as the clip to avoid making scratches or dents on the surface.
4. Silver is easily oxidized in a non-vacuum environment. Temperature and humidity have effects on silver. Please take good care of it and use the silver cloth to polish the surface periodically.
5. Avoid approaching to any of thrill or corrosivity, such as cleaner, perfume and astringent ect.
6. We provide after-sales service for maintenance and repair but will charge for fees in different situation.
7.The small clip is loosely used with the wand, which is a normal phenomenon. The size of the clip is not too much fixed or single so that is suitable for the hands of different dolls.We suggest to use tissue or cotton cloth to help when you want to take off the small clip because it would be a little bit tight.


Gold heart shaped, Silver heart shaped, Gold crown shaped, Silver crown shaped, gold clip, silver clip


with clip, with brooch


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