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Doll Dress – SUPABONBON Girlish Style – Silk Pure White Dress Set Blythe Kikipop SBBN160401



This is PRE ORDER!
Pure white makes more elegant. Fabrics are silk which are soft in good quality. Different silk clothes, different cutting and small decorations, make this pure white skirt terse but not simple. Although kiki size and blythe size are similar, our cutting for each different doll type is different, so that our dress can match each doll type perfectly.

Order incl:
Kiki size: 1x one-piece dress, 1x bloomers, 1x socks, 1x tulle petticoat.
Blythe size: 1x one-piece dress, 1x socks, 1x tulle petticoat.

In this serie, a specific dress will be given as a gift only to each buyer id. It fits to kiki and blythe doll. Available till this serie ends. Hope you will love it and thanks so much for your supporting to supabonbon brand.
Please feel free to click:

Supabonbon Blythe dress for Classical White Serie Gift201604

Totally a new line for supabonbon, casual and fashion. Make life more easy.
This is supabonbon own design and handmade by professional tailor! Simple, high quality, and focus on details!
Please note that there might be a little discrepancy between the dress you get and the one in our photos, as we make our dresses 100% manually and not by production line in factory.
Caveat emptor! Refund or returns are NOT acceptable.

This outfit of Blythe fits to Licca, Takara and Pure Nemo bodies.
Only the outfit in picture is for sale! Doll and other accessories in pictures are excluded.
Item will be sent via registered mail within 3 working days. If you want to use EMS pls feel free to contact me for additional charge. All outfits are handmade, for pre order or reserved list, we need 4 weeks prior to shipping.


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