Have you ever seen the movie Mr. Black?

Today, i will show you a little story between me and the handsome Captain Mr. Black!

1My name is Sleepy. Come from China. It’s a big day for me to be with Mr. Black.


The big mouse catched my little sister. Mr. Black, could you help me to save my sister right now!?


Come! Help me please!!!


Captain! I found the big mouse right there!


Mr. Black! Don’t let him go! Catch him quickly!!  “Yes, i will. Don’t worry about that. Your sister will be safe.”–Mr. Black

10.带着粉色和黑猫警长一起走 副本11

Thank you so much my brave Mr. Black.

Of course it is a fake story. But just want to let you know that don’t forget to see more beautiful things around you when you feel tired or sad. Even imagine something!  Enjoy a happy weekend guys!

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